The objective of this research is the production of a wood and pellet stove, non - polluting with a very good calorific efficiency.

It may look like this.


The idea is simple, it is to wash with water the smoke which comes out of the stove and to cool this water in a radiator located behind the stove. This solution has two advantages, on one hand an increase in the efficiency of the system and on the other hand the very low rejection of fine particles.

Concept tests have been performed.

lavage fumées poèle à bois

Tuyaux avant et après le lavages des fumées du poèle à bois

In this photo you can see the impressive efficiency of the washing. After only a few tests the left pipe, without washing,
and the right pipe, with smoke washing.
In addition, tests carried out with this system have shown an improvement of approximately 30% in the energy recovered.