TREGUNC PIZZA is happy to welcome you

For the realization of our pizzas, we exclusively use flour from wheat and buckwheat grown in organic farming.

Description of flour:

By using a gluten-free buckwheat flour, in addition to a more traditional wheat flour, we offer pizzas containing 3 to 4 times less gluten than a classic pizza. In addition, the little remaining gluten is much more assimilable by the body because it comes from organic farming.

This process allows us to make tasty and digestible pizzas.

Our basic choice is to make the dough with 50% whole wheat flour and 50% buckwheat flour, both organic. At the end of numerous tests, we estimated that beyond this proportion of buckwheat the elasticity of the dough was no longer satisfactory.

The use of this flour is in direct line with Breton culinary culture. If this proportion of buckwheat does not suit you, you can modify it by using our options, and obtain a more classic pizza on a dough of flour made from organic semi-whole wheat, sourdough.

The long maturation associated with an organic flour allows us to offer you a tasty and light pizza.

If you absolutely do not want gluten, you can opt for our toast, always using the options. In this case, the desired filling will not be presented on a pizza dough, but spread over 2 to 3 slices of bread made from gluten-free flour. Although we do not put our toast on the same worktops, or on the same wood-fired oven floors, we cannot guarantee the absence of traces of gluten because they are all the same produced in the same premises as those where we work wheat flour.

Our suppliers

Our wish is to favor healthy, tasty and local products, as far as possible. For the flour it was not difficult, one of the 14 mills formerly in operation in the neighboring town of Pont Aven is still in operation and made the choice, more than 20 years ago, to move towards a production. of excellent quality. After a few tests, the choice of their organic flours was therefore validated. It allows us to reconcile the healthy, the tasty and the local for the dough, from the start of our activity.

When it comes to the ingredients of our fillings, it is not always easy to combine organic and local, at a reasonable price. Our goal is to move our supplies towards more and more local and organic, whenever possible.

Aware that we will have to reduce our consumption of meat products in the more or less near future, we have chosen to offer, from the start of our activity, several meatless pizza toppings, suitable for vegetarians, and some also for vegans.

Our concern for saving resources is not limited to reducing the use of animal products in the filling of our pizzas. It is a global approach within our activity. The first step in this direction was the design of the wood-fired oven.

At the same time, we are also considering reducing the pollution emitted by the fumes leaving the oven. A prototype smoke washer has been tested for this purpose. Photos of the condition of the drain hose with and without connection to the scrubber are quite telling on the subject. See the research